Express 15 Only $20

How it Works: You are purchasing 15 minutes of ‘while you wait’ technician time for $20. This technician time can be used for basic upgrades, quick diagnostics, or simple repairs. If 15 minutes is not enough to diagnose the problem or resolve the issue, you can simply pay the $20 and stop there, or we can place your computer or device in the queue for more thorough diagnostics. The $20 will be applied towards any further diagnostics fees.


Examples of issues that are suited for EXPRESS 15:

  • Minor Diagnostics
  • Password removal
  • Software settings
  • Wireless settings
  • Drive install in enclosure
  • Simple & Single Software installation
  • Simple Driver Installation
  • Customer’s Motherboard/CPU setup
  • Laptop Power Adapter
  • External USB drives
  • Memory upgrades (without advanced testing)