Product Warranty

Beyond the first 30 days, warranty for any branded product and/or any product on the following list is through its respective manufacturer, not through Intrex.


A detailed description of the Intrex Warranty Policy can be found at the bottom of this page. You may click company names for links or call phone number if option is available:


Acer or call 800-816-2237
AMD or call 1-866-331-5320
Antec or call 800 22ANTEC (800-222-6832)
AOC Monitors or call 888-838-6388
APC or call 800-555-2725
BenQ or call 866-600-2367
CaseLogic or call 800-925-8111
Coby or call 800-727-3592
Cooler Master
Corsair or call 888-222-4346
Creative Labs (retail boxed)
Cyberpower or call 888-900-5180
Diamond Multimedia or call 800-503-2378
D-Link or call 800-326-1688
Edimax, call 408-988-6092 or email
Envision Monitors, call 888-838-6388 or email
Epson or call 562-276-1305
EVGA or call 888-880-3842
Fujitsu Drives
GetNet, call 408-988-6093 or email
Gigabyte or call 626-854-9338
Hannstar / Hanns-G, call 888-842-6674 or email
Hauppauge or call 631-434-3197
Hitachi or call 800-HITACHI
HP or call 800-474-6836
IBM Drives or call 800-801-4618
In Win
IO Gear
Kanex Pro
Kaspersky or call 781-503-1820
Keytronic or call 800-262-6006, option #4
Kingston or call 800-337-3719
Kinyo or call 800-735-4696
Labtec or call 646-454-3222
Lenovo or click here for phone numbers
LG – Optical Drives or call 800-243-0000
Linksys Support or Linksys RMA or call 800-546-5797
Lite-On or Call 888-4-LITEON, 877-525-1900 or 510-824-0066
Logitech or call 646-454-3209 or 3200
LSI Logic or call 800-633-4545
Netgear or call 888-NETGEAR (888-638-4327)
Palit, call 877-934-7932 or email
Plantronics or call 888-752-6876
Plextor Drives, call 800-886-3935 or email
PNY or call 973-515-9700
Promise, call 408-228-1400 ext 4 or fax 408-228-1100
Roxio or call 877-793-7482
Samsung Optical & Hard Drives, call 800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) or email
Samsung Printers or call 800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)
Sandisk or call 866-SANDISK (866-726-3475)
Seagate Drives
Shuttle or call 888-972-1818
SIIG or call 510-651-6798
TDK (DVD Burners) or call 800-285-2783
Toshiba Hard Drives or call 510-651-6798
Toshiba Laptops or call 800-457-7777
TP-Link or email
TrendNet, call 866-845-3673 or email
Tyan Mainboards or call 510-440-8808
Ultra or call 888-222-5487
US Robotics
Vantec, call 510-668-0368 or email
Viewsonic or call 800-688-6688
Western Digital or call 800-275-4932
XFX (requires online product registration before RMA)
Zalman, call 714-530-0700 or email
Zonet or call 888-883.8880
Zoom or call 617-753-0023


Intrex Warranty Policy
Brand Name Products sold at Intrex have a limited warranty through their respective manufacturers. All warranty issues beyond the first 30 days of purchase are handled directly between the customer and the manufacturer. INTREX offers replacement or exchanges for defective parts during the first 30 days. Exceptions to that are Clearance items and non-Intrex computers (7-day warranty for both), as well as Special Order sales (warranty strictly through manufacturer). For generic (non brand name) products, in the case customers do not have recourse with the manufacturer, INTREX will handle the warranty for one year from purchase date. INTREX computer systems & INTREX laptops are also warranted for one year from purchase date. During this time, INTREX warranties products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty is contingent upon the proper use of the product in question, and INTREX Inc. does not in any way claim responsibility or can it be held liable for any injuries or damages sustained because of defective product, misuse, or negligence to any person(s) or properties. If the product incurs any physical damage, the warranty will be void. Parts found defective by Intrex within the warranty period will be either repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Intrex. INTREX PCs/Notebooks also carry a one year limited hardware labor warranty (Intrex does offer extended warranties on systems, check with our sales staff).