Repair Services

Computer repair is performed in our stores: computer, laptop, notebook repair, upgrades, virus & spyware removal, data transfers, motherboard installations, drive & card installations, OS reloads, insurance damage assessment and much more… if computers are involved, we can service it.


Each Intrex store location includes a service and repair center. Our repair facilities are located in Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh and Winston Salem.


IMPORTANT: Flat non-hourly fees reflect typical installations or work, with no complications or special circumstances; please be aware that extra charges may apply at an hourly charge.

Labor Rates

Simple ‘Express’ Diagnostics or Repair: While you wait quick diagnostics/repair – provided problem qualifies – click banner above for more details $20
Normal Diagnostics: Diagnose a PC or parts to find the problem $50
Simple Malware Removal Simple Virus & Spyware removal. Includes Diagnostics. $99
Complex Malware Removal Difficult Virus & Spyware removal. Includes Diagnostics,  installation of Windows critical updates, and OS re-installation if needed. $159
Hard Drive Cloning: Clone a hard drive to another

Clone, standard drive install, & standard diagnostics combo



Data Backup: Backup/Transfer select files to another hard drive $60
Data Backup to optical: Backup data to CD/DVD, per optical disk (in addition to backup) $15
Data Import and Setup: Specific files, e-mail, favorites, cookies (in addition to backup) $40
Data Recovery: Successful/Failed (non-refundable) $150/$75
Windows Installation/Repair Windows 10 OS -Includes Drivers & Windows Updates

Legacy OS -Includes Drivers & Windows Updates



Update Windows: Download and Install Windows Updates and Service Packs $30
Driver Download & Installation: Per Driver $30
Software Installation: Per application $30
Memory Installation: Includes testing $25
CPU Installation: CPU and/or CPU Fan installation $30
Power Supply Replacement: Case power supply replacement $30
Drive Installation: fee is per drive Floppy, CD-ROM , Hard Drive (No O/S), CD-RW,  DVD-R, DVD-RW $30
Card Installation:  fee is per card Modem/Sound/Video/Network $30
Drive installation in an Enclosure: Includes installation and formatting $20
Drive Disposal 1 Drive Disposal with Low Level Drive Formatting $20
Drive Disposal 2 Drive Disposal with Low Level Formatting & Physical Drive Destruction $30
Motherboard Installation: No extra charge for CPU,
memory, video card that are also being installed
Motherboard replacement (No configuration)
Motherboard replacement, including configuration/setup
PC Assembly: (Hardware only, no software or O/S work) $75
Insurance Damage Assessment, Desktop Can only be performed in-store $90
Insurance Damage Assessment, Laptop or All-in-one Can only be performed in-store $140
In Store Rush Fee: Priority service $50
In Store Desktop Labor Rates: Charged in 20 minute increments $75/hr

Notebook Specific Services

Notebook Simple Assembly: Un-assemble and reassemble a notebook, includes the  diagnostic fee $100
Notebook Complex Assembly:   Includes Motherboard Un-assemble and reassemble a notebook, includes the  diagnostic fee $140
Notebook Solder Work: Soldering of connectors in notebooks $50
Laptop Screen Replacement : Replacing Laptop Screen standard diagnostics & install only $89
In Store Notebook Labor Rates: Charged in 20 minute increments $90/hr