Terms & Conditions

PAYMENT: Invoices are due and payable in accordance with the terms on the front of this invoice. An interest charge of 1.5% per month will be added to all past due accounts. There is a $30 service charge for all returned checks. Should it become necessary for Intrex Inc. to retain an attorney to make demand upon or collect any past due invoices or statements, the customer agrees to pay all costs of demand or collection, including attorney fees, recording fees and court costs, incurred by INTREX, Inc. through all appeals, and bankruptcy proceedings, if any.


RETURNS/REFUNDS: LABOR, EXTENDED WARRANTY, SOFTWARE, CLEARANCE, MEDIA, BATTERY, LIGHTS, CONSUMABLES and SPECIAL ORDER sales are final. With the exception of the items mentioned above, INTREX will accept returns or exchanges within 15 days of the original purchase date. There will be no returns/refunds after 15 days from the original purchase date. A 15% restocking charge will be applied to all returned computers, and to all opened merchandise.


LIMITED WARRANTY: Brand Name Products sold at Intrex have a limited warranty through their respective manufacturers. All warranty issues beyond the first 30 days of purchase are handled directly between the customer and the manufacturer. INTREX offers replacement or exchanges for defective parts during the first 30 days. Exceptions to that are Clearance items and non-Intrex computers (7-day warranty for both), as well as Special Order sales (warranty strictly through manufacturer). For generic (non brand name) products, in the case customers do not have recourse with the manufacturer, and for Intrex brand items and computers, INTREX will handle the warranty for one year from purchase date. During this time, INTREX warranties products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty is contingent upon the proper use of the product in question. If the product incurs any physical damage, the warranty will be void.


Parts found defective by Intrex within the warranty period will be either repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Intrex. Some INTREX computers carry a lifetime limited hardware repair labor in-store warranty. Check your invoice to determine if your PC is covered by this warranty. This warranty covers labor for hardware repairs, diagnostic fees and Operating System re-installation if the OS becomes corrupt as a direct result of hardware failure. Lifetime of PC, and thus the lifetime warranty mentioned above, will end as soon as the CPU socket/platform or the computer case/enclosure is replaced, no matter the reason. This lifetime warranty does not cover hardware upgrades, software issues including virus & malware removal, data transfers, or Operating System issues not caused by hardware failure. All warranties on Intrex systems will be void if the warranty sticker is broken or removed. For repairs of non-Intrex systems and Intrex out-of-warranty systems, we guarantee only that the parts installed by us will perform satisfactorily under conditions of normal usage for a period of 30 days after date of repair. Please note that when it comes to PC warranties, peripherals are NOT considered part of a computer.


All Intrex warranties do not cover any losses or damages that may occur as a result of:
A. Shipping or improper installation or maintenance not performed by INTREX.
B. Physical damage, misuse, neglect or improper environment.
C. Excessive or inadequate electrical power surges, or other irregularities.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT: During the INTREX warranty period, technical support on hardware issues is provided with all INTREX personal computers, and Intrex branded parts and products. Please call the respective publishers for software support, and the respective manufacturers for brand name hardware support. Brand name hardware and software related setup and technical support will be billed to the customer at the current hourly rate.


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: INTREX INTREX Inc. will not be responsible for consequential damage to any product that it sells, caused by either internal or external equipment, shorted connections or components not installed by or obtained from INTREX, misuse, or negligence. INTREX Inc. shall not be liable for damage to painted surfaces or products due to physical abuse, excessive use, exposure to liquids, chemicals, oxidation or corrosion. Intrex is not responsible for any loss of data that may occur while INTREX or non-INTREX equipment being repaired is in our possession. Intrex is also not responsible for any part that fails while in our possession.


LABOR/SERVICE TERMS: There is a minimum evaluation/diagnostic fee (currently at $50) for non-warranty repairs and a minimum fee (currently at $100) when laptop disassembly is necessary. Intrex is not responsible for loss of data or part failure that may occur while equipment is in our possession. In rare instances repairing or replacing power jack may not fix laptop, you are responsible for charges regardless of result. Data recovery fee applies regardless of data amount recovered. During removal process malware may occasionally affect your applications, repairing or reinstalling them is not covered under regular malware removal fee. Data backup does not include re-installation of programs nor the importation of emails, addresses, browser settings or favorites. We guarantee only that the parts installed by us will perform satisfactorily under conditions of normal usage for a period of 30 days after date of repair. Any systems not picked up within 60 days after customer is notified are deemed abandoned, and they will be disposed of as seen fit.