Computer Repair Services

Computer repair is performed in our stores: computer, laptop, notebook repair, upgrades, virus & spyware removal, data transfers, motherboard installations, drive & card installations, OS reloads, insurance damage assessment and much more… if computers are involved, we can service it.

Each Intrex store location includes a service and repair center. Our repair facilities are located in Greensboro and Raleigh.


IMPORTANT: Flat non-hourly fees reflect typical installations or work, with no complications or special circumstances; please be aware that extra charges may apply at an hourly charge.


Express Service 15: Only $25

How it Works: You are purchasing 15 minutes of ‘while you wait’ technician time for $25. This technician time can be used for basic upgrades, quick diagnostics, or simple repairs. If 15 minutes is not enough to diagnose the problem or resolve the issue, you can simply pay the $25 and stop there, or we can place your computer or device in the queue for more thorough diagnostics. The $25 will be applied towards any further diagnostics fees.


Examples of issues that are suited for EXPRESS 15:

  • Minor Diagnostics
  • Password removal
  • Software settings
  • Wireless settings
  • Drive install in enclosure
  • Simple & Single Software installation
  • Simple Driver Installation
  • Customer’s Motherboard/CPU setup
  • Laptop Power Adapter
  • External USB drives
  • Memory upgrades (without advanced testing)

Computer Repair Labor Rates 

Simple ‘Express’ Diagnostics or Repair: While you wait for quick diagnostics/repair – provided problem qualifies – click the banner above for more details $25
Normal Diagnostics: Diagnose a PC or parts to find the problem $69
Power Supply Replacement Case power supply replacement $39
Malware Removal Virus & Spyware removal. Includes Diagnostics,  installation of Windows critical updates, and OS re-installation if needed. $149
Hard Drive Cloning: Clone a hard drive to another. $69
Data Backup: Backup/Transfer select files to hard de notriv $59
Data Backup to flash drive: Backup/Transfer select files to a flash drive $49
Data Import and Setup: Specific files, e-mail, favorites, cookies (in addition to backup) $49
Data Recovery: Successful/Failed (non-refundable) $199/$99
Windows Installation/Repair Window OS -Includes Drivers & Windows Updates $109
Update Windows: Download and Install Windows Updates and Service Packs $39
Driver Download & Installation: One device driver $29
Software Installation: One software application $29
Memory Installation: Includes testing $39*
CPU Installation: CPU and/or CPU Fan installation $39
CPU Installation AIO: CPU and aftermarket Fan or All-in-one liquid cooler installation $49
Drive Installation: fee is per drive Floppy, CD-ROM , Hard Drive (No O/S), CD-RW,  DVD-R, DVD-RW $29
Card Installation:  fee is per card Modem/Sound/Video/Network $39
Drive installation in an Enclosure: Includes installation and formatting $29
LABI-TUNEUP PC assessment and optimization includes basic malware removal, windows updates, and memory install $99
Drive Disposal Drive Disposal with Low Level Formatting & Physical Drive Destruction $29
Motherboard Installation: No extra charge for CPU,
memory, video card that are also being installed
Motherboard replacement (No configuration)
Motherboard Installation: No extra charge for CPU,
memory, video card that are also being installed
Motherboard replacement, including configuration/setup $129
PC Assembly: Hardware only, no software or O/S work $119
Insurance Damage Assessment, Desktop Can only be performed in-store $99
Insurance Damage Assessment, Laptop or All-in-one  Can only be performed in-store $149
In Store Rush Fee: Priority service $79
In Store Desktop Labor Rates: Charged in 20 minute increments $75/hr


Notebook Specific Services

Notebook Simple Assembly: Un-assemble and reassemble a notebook, includes the  diagnostic fee  $129
Notebook Complex Assembly:   Includes Motherboard Un-assemble and reassemble a notebook, includes the  diagnostic fee $179
Notebook Solder Work: Soldering of connectors in notebooks $69
Laptop Screen Replacement : Replacing Laptop Screen install only no diagnostic $89
In Store Notebook Labor Rates: Charged in 20 minute increments $90/hr